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Dec 16, 2011 7:00pm EST
the midwest to go down to texas which is the one part of the united states that already has more oil than it can consume. there are some in the environmental movement who know if the pipeline is built and the carbon atoms on the petroleum under the ground of canada will not be burned and mixed into oxygen atoms and sent into our atmosphere. i think the of their opening statements have made it clear that at some point can canada will find a way to exploit this whether it is through the united states or the port of vancouver to the world markets. however, we shouldn't think that is automatic or easy or that keystone is going to go away next week. there are environmentalists in canada. i have met them and they are no more excited about the building of the east and west pipeline through canada than our environmentalists for the pipeline. energy really comes down to two separate issues or somewhat separate issues, and that is how we generate the electricity and how we move our vehicles? this is sometimes a lump together in one issue as we have a national security crisis hell are we go
Dec 2, 2011 7:00pm EST
you. gentleman the texas. >> thank you. i thank the witnesses for appearing. not allowing your testimony to be misconstrued later in history, is it correct to say not one of you concluded that fha should be eliminated? if you are in agreement with me, kindly extend a hand into the air. i know it's not what you normally do at a hear, but we do this at court with something called voir dire. if you think fha has a meaningful role in the housing market, kindly raise a hand. for the record, please, let it reflect all the witnesses concluded that fha has a meaningful place in the housing market. if you think that fha has been a benefit in stabilizing with the recovery that has not been completed, i understand we're not there. do you agree fha has been a benefit in helping us get through 24 -- this downturn in the market and it acted as a force? if you agree, extend a hand into the air. let the record reflect show all the parties show they agree it's been a force helping with the recovery. friends, later on, there will probably later on be talk of fha going away. i don't think that th
Dec 9, 2011 7:00pm EST
environment? i mean, what do you think the issues are that make the georgia to texas swing so much safer for the farm states that are so loyally republican? would've we got going for us that they don't have going for them? >> a couple things are interesting. louisiana was one of the last southern states good to talk about the deep south and southern strategy. louisiana is a u.s. senator until recently had never had a republican majority in either chamber i did not have a history of electing republican governors. i voted for twice. a lot of voters and the fact reregister democrat was a republican nationally. even a voter registration, even though our numbers are increasing in their numbers are tear creasing, were still half the size of the democratic party. they outnumbered two to one even today. so i think what's interesting, let's look at state that a red versus blue, but the states that are changing. louisiana is moving in the right direction. west virginia is one of those states that wants to move in the right direction and certainly a lot of talk about the western states may be
Dec 30, 2011 7:00pm EST
our stila louisiana, one is in texas and one is in mississippi. they do not believe in going past the mason-dixon line. [laughter] c-span: and what do the -- what do they think of their brother that is. visible? >> guest: i think -- we will talk about it very much. we just kind of make jokes and have fun. my oldest brother calls we often saying things like i mean, he's a big obama supporter, said he says you know, take it easy on my president, whatever that means or, you know, don't be so critical. so he will offer story suggestions or column suggestions for me, and i listen. but i think they are proud. and i -- there have before me as i have before them. and they're amazing people in their own right. c-span: and three years of writing this column, what column has struck the biggest serve? >> guest: it's a strange lot of things. one was a column about dating, which strangely enough, i did -- i have no idea that it would strike such a nerve with people. c-span: what did you say? >> guest: i mean, i just marked something that some other people have marked another ways, but that it w
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4